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Welcome to my page!

I am Alla Diedrich. I am Deaf and build my business independently. My listening Upline is supporting me.

Looking for a extra income (part time)?

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You have the following 2 options:

1.) Register as a business partner (ABO registration form), and order 450 quality products immediately at the price up to 41% cheaper! Additionally discounts and bonuses at about 20 partner stores

2.) Register as a business partner (such as point 1.)
and additionally a 2nd pillar (national / international) build sustainable. possible in Germany, Europe and some 100 countries.

Registration in Germany is now FREE with online registration!

Those interested in registering in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Holland, Russia, Ukraine Turkey and many other countries, please contact us with email

Pour la France: S'enregistrer en tant qu'Entrepreneur Indépendant

From part-time extra income to fulltime business! It supports our team and NETWORK21

YOU take the decision yourself!

To ask? Contact me without obligation!

I look forward to meeting you!
Your team Alla Degdau-Diedrich

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If you need advice, presentations or want to browse through the printed brochures, please contact me.

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