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and much more useful!

Welcome to our page! (Pour la France, descends cette page, sìl vous plait )

Would you like to become your own boss (part time)?
Search sustainable extra income, or a clever second business?


You have the following 2 options (Germany):
1) register as an independent business partner (ABO Registration Form)
Order XS Power Drink and additional 500 quality products immediately at a price up to 41% cheaper! Additionally discounts and bonuses at about 20 partner stores

2.) Register as an independent business partners (ABO Registration Form)
and additionally a 2nd pillar (national / international) build sustainable. Possible in Germany, Europe and some 100 countries.

Registration is in Germany now €30,00 with online registration!

Those interested in registering in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Netherlands/Belgium and Turkey, please contact me, or please use the corresponding Direct link to the country, here on the right side.

Thirteen Eastern/Central European Amway markets: Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine and Bulgaria are combined into a Consolidated Line of Sponsorship (CLOS) Region. If You want to join in one of these countries, please go to CENTRAL EUROPE and choose your country in the menue.

For USA, CANADA, ATLANTIK & CARIBBEAN please send email to usa@chance4you.org

If you live in an other country around the world, or have any question, please send me a message :-)

Are you a full-time employee or already running your own business? No problem! Do it like me and many successful employees, architects, doctors, and entrepreneurs before you: just start off-the-job and invest some hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for your future. The bill is simple: Your weekend for a financially secure future for your whole family! In 2 to 5 years you can achieve your goals (faster)!

Make your decision!... now!

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!
Your Klaus Heusinger

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ FRANCE+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
pour la France:
Bienvenue sur mon site !

Voulez-vous devenir travailleur autonome (à temps partiel)?
Êtes-vous à la recherche d'un bénéfices supplémentaire durable ou d'une deuxième activité commercielle?

Cochez cette option à fond. Cela pourrait en valoir la peine pour vous aussi!


Vous avez alors les 2 options suivantes:

1) Cliquez sur le lien a la fin !
Inscrivez-vous immédiatement, XS Power Drink, XS Sports Nutrition et environ 500 produits de qualité à un prix pouvant atteindre -41% avantage! De plus, des bonus dans des magasins réputés

Sans minimum! Avec 90 jours possibilité remboursable!

2) Inscrivez-vous (point 1) et construisez un deuxième pilier durable (France/ international). En Allemagne, en Europe et dans une centaine d'autres pays possible.

Pour la France: S'enregistrer en tant qu'Entrepreneur Indépendant

pour la France: numéro du parrain (Heusinger) : 3529507 DE

Fin pour la France!

Would you (for now) only order the products (no business), then please register in the blue box and shop easyl and comfortable online with us!

Are you especially interested in information about XS POWER DRINK, the energy drink of the new generation? Please go to chance4you.org

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Beauty and Grooming


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Contact us

+49 773 5937343

Visit our Internet profile

Request a meeting

If you need advice, presentation or want to browse printed catalogue brochure, please contact us.

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