Our Trout Lake East Farm is a sister farm to the Trout Lake West Farm, just a bit bigger. Its fields are located in the pristine Columbia River Basin, which provides crystal-clear water. Here we grow organic crops such as alfalfa, dandelion, and echinacea. All Nutrilite-owned farms are certified organic under the US law.


To flourish, plants need pure soil, water and air. First there is the soil, certified organic by the US Department of Agriculture. For irrigation, crystal-clear river water is used. Above ground we keep our crops pure too, naturally. Instead of using pesticides, we fight bad bugs with good bugs and use falcons which are cared for by their professional falconers to scare away harmful birds. Nature is on our side!


Our product safety efforts are also rooted in the soil. We only use custom-made compost, which is free of pesticides and contaminants, to replenish the earth. We have a diverse cropping program, with plants taking turns flowering. This attracts a large natural ladybug population, which helps to control aphids and thrips without the need for pesticides. Our field harvests are staggered, and the beneficial insects move naturally into different field plots.


We make sure that the fields are as weed-free as possible, so that our plants can focus on growing strong and healthy, without needing to compete for water or nutrients from the soil. Once they reach their peak in nutrients, they are harvested. To preserve the nutrients, drying them quickly is crucial. Our crews follow precise instructions, running efficient operations that get the crops from the field to the dryer in as little as 20 minutes. All of our efforts are aimed at maximising and preserving the richness of the plants’ phytonutrients and nutrients.


Darwin and Phil Hintz, Nutrilite™ Trout Lake East Farm

“I see scenes unfold every day that are incredible, and I think: ‘I wish I could share this with the people that consume our products. If they knew the sense of commitment that we have, their confidence would soar.”

We contribute to education and support schools from the area of Trout Lake Farms. We help fund scholarships for local students and donate organic produce to the school’s food program.


Trout Lake West,
Washington, USA

Ubajara, Brazil

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